How to Choose Personal Amulets

Rabbi David Azulai Rabbi David Azulai

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Your personal amulet that suits you can do a lot for you. Personal amulets that conformed with their masters’ personality are known to amplify their positive and strong traits and encourage wearers to change their lives by leading them to their goals. Choosing personal amulets which suit you is much easier than you think. All you need to do is look and touch. Why do you think most people are attracted by jewelry, talismans and charms?

Why if someone sees amulets with mysterious engravings or radiant gemstones one will most likely want to not simply stare at them, but to touch them and feel their surface? The answer is simple. We all have intuitive and innate ability to feel what is extremely positive and beneficial for us. Sometimes just a single glance is enough to feel if the amulet is yours. If you are shopping for an amulet, you will understand it: the best choice will be the one that you will feel most positively about. It is good to take some time to choose the right one for you. If you do not feel that any of them feel right, do not take or purchase them.

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