Can Voodoo Protection Amulets and Protection Talismans Protect You – Even if You Don’t Believe in Voodoo?

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Voodoo is a type of practice used by many groups, ranging from ancient religions in Africa through to modern religious practices. Although many people do not believe that there are voodoo practitioners still among us, the reality is that some people do try to use various forms of black magic and voodoo in order to [...]

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The Right Way to Tie a Red String

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One of the strong Kabbalah beliefs is that in order to succeed in this life and achieve all the goals you have, you need to protect yourself from the negative thoughts, feelings and the evil eye of people around you with which they may affect you carelessly. A red string is often used as an [...]

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Dark Black Magic Spells

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Black magic can be harmless when used by people safely who do not intend to harm anyone. However, people who use dark black magic spells for taking revenge or harming innocent people can cause a lot of trouble. Dark black magic spells are powerful. The damage they cause can be estimated by the person’s skills [...]

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Evil Eye in Religion

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The energy of a human eye sight can be extraordinary powerful and has effect on animals and other living creatures. If the eye sight comes from a mean and envious person it can even harm the others. The evil eye in religion is an obscure but well-known conception. It is described in many religions and [...]

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What is Black Magic?

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Black magic is a form of sorcery practiced by people in pursuit of personal advantages and success. Black magic uses the powers of nature to control the sequence of events. At first magic in general, or wizardry, was considered to be the craft of sages who practiced their skills of communication and interaction with the [...]

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Evil eye amulets

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Since the beginning of mankind, conceit, modesty, title, social status, religious commitments and superstitions have all motivated people to decorate their bodies by wearing jewelry and adding fancy details or ornaments to their clothes. However they didn’t only serve to beautify people. Before they became a part of fashion, they served a more symbolic function [...]

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Black Magic: Myth or Reality?

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There is no real answer as to whether black magic exists or not in the modern world. Certainly in the old times some adherents of this craft were known for practicing it in order to harm or benefit at the expense of the innocent ones. However, nowadays if black magic is regarded from the position [...]

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Why Is Kabbalah in Such Demand Nowadays; and Why Do People from All around the Planet Study Kabbalah?

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Kabbalah is a personal choice of every individual and it doesn’t impose itself on anyone. It does not distinguish between men and women, adults and children, this or that religion. Kabbalah itself is more than religion. It stands beyond religion. The days of implicit faith and obedience to doctrines are gone. Now people try to [...]

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Kabbalah – Evil Eye Protection amulet

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Are you a victim of the evil eye? Would you be interested in getting protection against evil eye? Evil eye is a powerful mystical practice that can cause disruption to your financial holdings and emotional state, sickness and sadness. It is also believed Regardless of your background and spiritual beliefs, the evil eye can find [...]

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Evil eye

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The notion of evil eye has existed for decades in many countries and religions. According to the tradition, evil eye is the superstition that a bad look, gaze or a course could cause sickness, loss of fortune, sadness or even death. The belief is that a person can harm you and your family by transmitting [...]

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