Evil Eye Protection, Evil eye

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Evil eye is the act of inflicting harm on to others in the process of looking at them while experiencing a strong negatively charged emotion. Evil eye protection refers to an ability to stop or significantly naturalize the effect of an evil eye either by using a magical tool or a spell. The evil eye [...]

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Evil Eye Protection in Different Countries

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There is no country in the world people of which are not familiar with the

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Modern Black Magic Protection

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Black magic protection in the modern society is very similar to the race between the medical developments and mutations of diseases: as soon as they find new cure, a new mutation of an old disease appears. Black magic as a primitive practice of village people and country folks is a phenomenon that slowly fades away [...]

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Red String Bracelet for Evil Eye Protection

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When we think positively about a person, our good thoughts can have a curative, healing influence. Unfortunately, when we think negatively about someone, we can affect that person in a negative way. This phenomenon has been know for thousands of years as an evil eye effect. While Kabbalah teaches that positive thinking about other people [...]

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Evil Eye Protection according to Kabbalah

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How does Kabbalah explain the evil eye and ways to protect oneself against it? According to Kabbalah humans are provided with the same powers and abilities as God. We can create and destroy. It also works on mental level. For example, every thought we ever think or word we say leaves its mark and has [...]

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Age and Protection From Evil Powers

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With age our immune system becomes weaker, as well as our ability to resist negative influences of dark forces and to ensure positive protection from evil powers. Many old and wise kabbalists pursue their goal to remain immune to dark powers in any situation. In Kabbalah withering of a human body is a natural, inevitable [...]

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Protection From Evil and Its Diversity

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Since Kabbalah believes in our constant interaction with positive and negative energies of the world, protection from evil is the area of knowledge most kabbalists are competent in. There is a large variety of means that provide protection from evil in Kabbalah. Numerous amulets and talismans are made with gems, coins, teeth, figures, different metals, [...]

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Hamsa Amulets as Evil Eye Protection

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Hamsa (or Hamesh) amulets are often worn for evil eye protection. They are especially common in Israel and some Middle Eastern countries where people wear them as a charm for good fortune. Hamsa amulets are usually hand-shaped and made of metal. They are commonly worn in a wrist or on the neck. The symbol of [...]

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Meditation for Evil Eye Protection

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Surprisingly enough, many kabbalists discover that meditation can be used as an evil eye protection. It is easy to understand how to process works. While meditating people usually concentrate on positive things in their life. They supply their minds with positive affirmations and sparks of happiness that come from the sources of universal joy and [...]

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Evil Eye Protection in Kabbalah

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The evil eye is considered to be the most common form of a psychic attack when a strong bad thought or envious feeling intended or not intended to harm someone can change someone’s life in a negative way. In Kabbalah evil eye protection mainly comes to mastering your ability to be immune to people’s negativity [...]

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