The concept of the Tree of Life gives us a comprehension of different
constituents of life. Different branches of the kabbalistic Tree are
the different physical and spiritual levels of our existence. And even
though the human mind limited by its physical way of seeing things may
not be able to perceive all the "branches", Kabbalah seeks various
ways to make our existence in the forms of matter and spirit clearer
to us. One of this ways is the schematic representation of our life
through the Tree of Life.

tree of life

What Does The Tree of Life Symbolize?

The Tree of Life is a common token used on Kabbalah talismans. It
symbolizes life, growth, development, progress, reincarnation, etc.

What Power Does The Tree of Life Talisman Posses?

The Tree is believed to have healing and rejuvenating ability, and that is why such talismans are often used by rabbis for medical purposes. Most people, however, wear the talismans for their protective and favorable qualities.

How can a talisman with a symbol of the Tree of Life be a potent protection for anyone who wears it?

The symbol of the Tree of Life acts as a magnet and attempts to draw the positive energies to the talisman. The Tree also attempts to draw good and favorable thoughts, wishes,attitudes and actions from people who surround the wearer of the talisman. This may create a positive aura of prosperity and well-being around the person. The aura in its could potentially work as a shield against negativeness, evil eye and evil forces.

Due to the presence of these positive energies that many rabbis who create Kabbalah talismans engrave this symbol on their works. The Tree of Life represents all the diverse hues and colors of our existence. It shows how different people can be, like the different branches of the tree. And it unites us by helping us see how closely we are all related and rooted to each other, being the children of the same tree, called Earth