Center of Kabbalah

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The well-known Kabbalah center located in California is a home for all people who want to grasp the main kabbalistic ideas by meditating, studying kabbalistic books and resources, talking to Kabbalah teachers and communicating with other students. The Kabbalah center is aimed to keep kabbalistic doctrines alive and let people experience the wisdom of this [...]

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Spiritual Numerology in Kabbalah

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The nature of spiritual numerology in Kabbalah is different from the commonly known numerology based on the meaning of numbers. Spiritual numerology in Kabbalah is the way of defining someone’s path by the sounds of their name. Words that we say may change our mood or even our life. A sound is an invisible but [...]

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The Kabala Secret of Getting Free

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Freedom is a relative term. For some people it may be in solving everyday problems, for others it may mean running away from financial obligations. However, freedom in a kabbalistic way may be understood as escaping from the mind frontiers that were established by the society and seeing a new world behind them. The Kabala [...]

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Kabbalah symbols

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In many cultures symbols are known for being a source of vigorous forces in competent and caring hands. A symbol may be compared to a knot of energy that can be transformed and run in the direction that is convenient to its master. Energy does not simply disappear. It flows and travels from one state [...]

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Science of Kabbalah and Meaning of Life

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KABBALAH gives us a new refreshing insight of the universe. Kabbalah is the science that opens up universal wisdoms for everyone. It shows the right way of thinking and helps people find the true meaning of life. It seems that the meaning of life has been a subject of discussions and arguments since the beginning of [...]

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Mysteries and Secrets of Kabbalah

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Because of its long history and several stages of development Kabbalah has many rich and colorful traditions surrounded by legends and secrets of the past. Kabbalah is full of mysteries that originate from its symbolic writings, old kabalistic books, sacred talismans and rituals. However this jewish mysticism that came with ages doesn’t prevent its followers [...]

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Rabbi Azulai’s Healing Cup turns Ordinary Water to Kabbalah Water

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Kabbalah water is all the rage now, thanks to celebrity Kabbalists and their followers. This water is notoriously expensive, and one famous Kabbalist offered to revive a decaying body of water with a supply of this healing water. Credited for aiding in healing and preventing disease, many Kabbalists refuse to drink anything else. There is [...]

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