The evil eye is often referred to as ability to make someone feel bad, or to take good luck away from someone by a certain malicious glance, which is charged with negative emotions and ill-natured wishes.

The belief in an evil eye exists among very different cultures that have not had strong ties or interactions between each other throughout their histories. For example, the knowledge about the evil eye is spread among various aboriginal tribes in Australia, as well as among tribes in Africa. The eye is known both in the South American Indian cultures, and a very isolated culture of Japan. This makes many explorers believe that the instances of the evil eye and encounters with people who have an ability to affect others with their malicious thoughts through the power of their glance are not just a singular myth irrelevant to other cultures of the world. This phenomenon is common for many nations and even different species.

evil eye protection It is generally believed that the evil eye effect is caused by person's inability to accept other people's happiness when he or she is unhappy or going through hard times. That is why the effect can be either deliberate (purposeful, done knowingly and caused by strong jealousy) or involuntary (caused by sorrow and unmeant by the person who is causing harm). While the former is easier to detect than the latter, it is harder to treat as it involves powerful thoughts and stronger emotions. However, treatments and protection for both kinds of the evil eye are easily available nowadays.

Since the technological development made the exchange of information about such physic threats as the evil eye easier, more and more people experiment with various means of avoidance of and protection from this menace. The groups of people who are mastering their skills in writing spells for protection, making amulets and doing metal work for this purpose constantly grow. Before investing your time and money into a certain type of protection, it is recommended to do a little research on the topic and find out what exactly you need. evil eye

Evil Eye Protection

The majority of people who believe in the evil eye wear evil eye protection talismans or amulets. When new acquaintances are made, they are most often made with positive well-wishing people. However, every once in a while you may meet a person with an evil eye and not even know about it. While some individuals have an inborn ability to feel the evil eye, and instinctively stay away from people with one, many people do not have this ability and, therefore, are in a great need of powerful evil eye protection.

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The evil eye protection can come in different ways. Some people prefer amulets and pendants because they can provide long-term protection if worn on the body on a regular basis. Others believe in the powers of special charmed objects, such as objects made of silver, food and roots, oils or scented substances, which can be placed in a close vicinity of the person, who needs protection (near their bed or in an office where they spend a lot of time). Both have advantages and can be used at the same time. Wearing an amulet could give you a chance to discover what it is like to have good luck and protection follow you everywhere you go. On the other hand, charmed objects nicely placed around the house may bring peace and happiness to the entire family.

The evil eye protection is usually enhanced by special rituals performed on the amulets, by the engravings made on them or simply by the belief people invest into them. If an amulet for evil eye protection is owned by a person who regularly puts his or her effort into increasing its power, either by performing habitual actions (such as rubbing it) or talking to it, the amulet's protection power grows stronger. Even though we logically tend to believe that things may run low when used on a regular basis, it is interesting to know that when it comes to amulets the more often they are used, the stronger they become and the more positive power they have.

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Evil Eye Meaning

The evil eye meaning can be confusing for some. The name of this concept is slightly misleading, considering that the evil eye does not always mean a person is looking at someone in an evil way. In fact, many shamans and experts in black magic distinguish between two types of the evil eye: one that is wicked and sinister both by its look and the effect it has on the other person, and one that appears to be a kind and delighted glance, but has a negative effect. Let us discuss the evil eye meaning in both types.

Very few are born with a truly evil eye. If they are, they are usually characterized by general meanness, lack of care for others, short temper and jealous sociopathic personality. However, some people develop a distinct evil eye due to the things they experience in their life. The hardships and challenges of life can make people's hearts closed or indifferent to the suffering of others, and at the same time breed in them an ability to cause harm upon those who have things they don't. When they start to understand the evil eye meaning and notice they can inflict pain just by wishing it, they may choose to use it as they wish.

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Some individuals, however, develop this unfortunate skill without knowing about it. They are stuck in the shadow of negativity, and cause subconscious, unintended harm provoked and guided by the pain inside. Sometimes, while such a person appears to be fascinated by the object they are looking at, they may unwillingly inflict harm because of this inherent or developed ability. That is why many people who are aware of this threat use protective amulets, which have either a symbol or an engraving of an evil eye attached to them to avert the actual evil gaze. It is also important to fully understand the evil eye meaning to be able to protect yourself from it, which is easy to do as there are many websites and books written on this subject nowadays.