Mysticism, Symbolism and a Talisman

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Humanity uses various symbols, numbers, characters and written signs for communication and learning. Most of them are used by scientists in order to explain natural phenomena and physical processes. However, science still fails to explain the universe. There have been many attempts to do that, but scientists still agree that universe put in numbers and [...]

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Magical Dark Amulets

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You may think dark forces represent some imaginary, remote powers of demons and angels of darkness. However, dark forces are not as remote as it may seem. They influence us in the everyday life. They may affect our behavior, mood and interaction with other people. All human failures are the evidence of their performance. That [...]

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Sciences from Kabbalah

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Kabbalah is extremely rich of revealing ideas and concepts. Humanity derived a lot of knowledge from this old doctrine which led to formation of many modern sciences from Kabbalah. When people from ancient Mesopotamia and Greece formed their first sciences from Kabbalah, it led to great revelations and development of human thought. These sciences and [...]

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Century-Long History of Amulets and Talismans

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It seems that amulets and talismans have been used for personal benefit since the dawn of time. They originally came from the ancient, mysterious and wise Egypt and followed humankind all the way through majestic Roman, industrial European and businesslike American civilizations into the modern, less mysterious reality. If one ever decides to describe the [...]

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Spiritual Life in Kabbalah

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Kabbalah sages believe that thoughts create their own world by having direct effect on physical objects and other people’s actions. That is why in Kabbalah people are constantly urged to live a better, more spiritual life that can help them change their reality and lives of people they care for. Part of this spiritual life [...]

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Energy of Kabala and Numerology

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Jewish religious practices have always been in close connection to numerological knowledge. However, numerology in kabbalistic sense is different from what you may think it is. Numerology in Kabala is not about numbers, but rather about names. It allows one to interpret the effects that one’s name may have on the course of future events. [...]

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The Book of Zohar as a Source of Spiritual Energy

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The Book of Zohar was written by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in the second century AD and had an unquestionable effect on kabbalistic views. It is not only a kabbalistic book, but also a masterpiece of fiction. It contains fascinating tales and adventurous stories with captivating plots and colorful descriptions well-written in a beautiful language. [...]

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Meditation in Kabbalah

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Meditation allows us to look inside of our own selves and see our inner worlds closely. The spiritual nature of meditation allowed it to be accepted as one of the common practices in Kabbalah. Meditation for a cabbalist is like a prayer for a believer. In fact cabbalists combine praying and meditating at the beginning [...]

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72 Names of God

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According to Kabbalah no sound or combination of sounds is a true name of God. What we call God is merely a reflection of our experience with the celestial powers. That is why there are so many names of God. Some of them refer to the extreme being, universe, protection or spirituality. However, in the [...]

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Kabbalah is a Way to the Light for the Entire Humanity

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Kabbalah is a significant part of Jewish religious beliefs; however, it also represents the kind of knowledge that is indispensable to the life of every individual. The kabbalistic doctrines which became available to the humanity during the age of Enlightenment had the greatest effect on people’s minds and society. If before the Enlightenment, Kabbalah was [...]

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