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How to Use Kabbalah Numerology

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Using Kabbalah numerology opens a wide gateway to personal progress in every field of activity and area of life. Sometimes Kabbalah numerology is also called “name numerology” because it studies people’s names. Every sound of your name connects you to a certain type of energy that affects your life. Long time ago ancient wise men [...]

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Better Understanding of Kabbalah Numerology

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Kabbalah uses various ways of foretelling possible future. One of them is Kabbalah numerology – a specific study of names and numbers that allows individuals see probable but not always inevitable future changes in their lives. This study is based on analyzing and translating sounds of people’s names into numbers, and then using these numbers [...]

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Get to Know Yourself with the Help of Numerology

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Any religion teaches us that we are God’s children which implies that we have the same powers and capabilities that God does. However, humans need to reach a certain degree of maturity to learn how to control the universe, and not only their physical bodies. We need to possess extraordinary mind powers and have the [...]

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What Does Numerology Teach Us?

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Since the beginning of our time people have always tried to find hidden meaning in everything: stars, weather, eclipses and even numbers and names. According to sages and wise people of our time numerology knows the secret of human fate and path. Many events that happened to humanity were determined and predicted by numerologists – [...]

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Energy of Kabala and Numerology

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Jewish religious practices have always been in close connection to numerological knowledge. However, numerology in kabbalistic sense is different from what you may think it is. Numerology in Kabala is not about numbers, but rather about names. It allows one to interpret the effects that one’s name may have on the course of future events. [...]

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Practical Kabbalah numerology

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Practical Kabbalah numerology is a system of knowledge which is used to analyze people’s names and study how they influence on people’s destiny. According to practical Kabbalah numerology, a name contains detailed information about the past, present and future of the person it belongs to and people around. This information may provide food for an [...]

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Introduction to Numerology

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Numerology is a profound science which came to us from the ancient times. Professional numerologists were mentioned in historical documents much before most of our modern sciences came into existence. Numerology, as any other field of knowledge, should be learned and tried in practice. Traditional numerology studies numbers and birth dates which have hidden meaning [...]

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Spiritual Numerology in Kabbalah

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The nature of spiritual numerology in Kabbalah is different from the commonly known numerology based on the meaning of numbers. Spiritual numerology in Kabbalah is the way of defining someone’s path by the sounds of their name. Words that we say may change our mood or even our life. A sound is an invisible but [...]

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Does Kabbalah Numerology Really Work?

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There are some things you should consider in life if you ask yourself this question: Does Kabbalah numerology really work? Kabbalah numerology studies people’s names and potential effect of these names on people’s destiny. Everything in the world is interconnected. Things that seem meaningless at first sight may sometimes turn out to have direct effect [...]

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