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Rabbi David Azulai Rabbi David Azulai

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The strength of a person’s glance should never be underestimated. A strong glance is believed to have magical powers and is commonly used by hypnotists and psychologists for therapeutic purposes. However, a strong glance can be a powerful but also a destructive weapon when it cast by a mean person. That is why people have always fought against adverse influences of the evil eye.

Since it is proven in hypnosis that a person’s eye is capable of expressing person’s firm will and even controlling people’s minds, it is important to avoid or ward off the evil eye of envious and mean people whose glance may be as strong as the one of a hypnotist. That is when evil eye protection amulets come in handy. Evil eye protection amulets are purifying and strengthening charms that exert potent force meant to neutralize the adverse impact of negative thoughts and glances. Securing protection against the evil eye is usually the main use of such amulets. However, by providing the spiritual immunity to the wearer these evil eye protection amulets also improve his or her quality of life.

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