Common Causes of Black Magic

Rabbi David Azulai Rabbi David Azulai

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Black magic is still a common practice in some developing countries of the world, especially in Vietnam, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and African countries. Even though many individuals now agree that this dark witchcraft may bring nothing but negative experience both to the ones who use black spells and the victims, it does not help wipe this dangerous craft off the face of the earth. So what is the actual cause of black magic? What feeds it and makes people use it?

Basically it is people’s envy, greed and vengeance that nurture their need to harm the others. It is the desire to obtain something that others have that makes most people resort to witchcraft. In this situation using a red-string bracelet can be the smartest choice. Since red-string bracelets ward off people’s envy, they make it impossible for the wearer to be a victim of a black spell from the very start. However, if you have already experienced such a spell and want to turn it away, the bracelet will weaken the power of black magic attack until the wearer is absolutely safe.

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