Merkaba is an ancient collection of teachings about the powerful ball of living energy, which surrounds every creature. This energy fills the entire world like the light of the starts, but it is primarily found around living things and objects, which produce a strong magnetic field. Even though in humans bodily energy is commonly believed to be concentrated only in chakras, Merkaba energy field envelops all chakras, the entire body and reaches out far beyond. The teaching of Merkaba supports the traditions of applying symbolism, amulets and magic to improve people's energy fields for the purpose of protection and personal benefit.

Merkaba's main achievement is showing that there is more to life than just the physical world we can see around us. It is not all just the visible plain. If people open themselves up to the possibility of existence of other plains of being, they open themselves up to a possibility of reaching the uppermost levels of existence through spiritual evolution, meditation and out-of-body experiences. Merkaba is a vehicle which can be used to achieve these upper worlds and attain the eternal knowledge and wisdoms of the universe. That is why it has become one of the primary teachings that every person, who seeks for truths in Kabbalah, eventually adheres to.

Merkaba field includes both the body of the living creature and the counter rotating energy, which emits divine light in all directions. These rotating flows of energy are the powerful means by which the willing body can reach higher dimensions. They have a positive effect both on the human spirit and the physical well-being.

After years of research and practice in magic and Kabbalah, people acquired convincing experience, which serves as evidence of extremely healing effects of Merkaba. The energy of life has a positive influence on many aspects of one's health. It affects the digestive system, nervous system, lymph nodes, skin, bones and joints. In younger patients, the healing effects of Merkaba can manifest themselves by providing the body with an ability to overcome everyday mental stress, recover from hard work and physical load, think in a quick and more insightful way, achieve wisdom beyond what is expected of a certain age. In older people, it restores the strengths and increases muscle tone, improves hearing and vision, enhances sexual potency and turns back the clock of the aging body. It can even reduce the amount of grey hair and smooth out the wrinkles. Many patients use Merkaba powers to regulate their blood sugar levels, get rid of asthma and even control drug and alcohol addictions. The healing effects of Merkaba are well known and utilized by many magicians, witch doctors, shamans and kabbalists. However, as the interest and awareness about this curative power grow more and more, it is now used not only by those who practice alternative medicine, but also by certified doctors and medical personal.

Even though everyone is surrounded by the ever-present and omnipotent Merkaba energy emitted by living creatures, to get the most out of it one needs to activate one's own energy fields. It is possible to practice magic and use meditation for activation. However, the easiest and fastest way is often achieved by wearing genuine Merkaba amulets designed specifically for turning on the energy fields and connecting to the ultimate power of the universe. When this connection is established, it allows one to become part of higher collective consciousness, become one with God, expand out into the world and return back to the source of creation, and witness how the energy of life guides and nourishes all of us in its selfless act of love for every living creature.

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After Merkaba is activated, one can prepare oneself for days brimming with higher consciousness. This state of mind has promoted many people to change their surroundings to achieve a life of happiness and harmony. But in the physical realm, the effects of wearing a Merkaba amulet will very soon manifest in a better color and quality of skin, better sleep at night and disappearance of nightmares, reduction of mood swings, more positive attitude towards people and happier disposition in life.

Additionally, Merkaba has other beneficial uses. Among a large variety of amulets for protection from black energy, Merkaba amulets are considered to be the strongest ones. Merkaba as an amulet creates its own protective shield, which is impossible to penetrate. Its rotating currents of potent energy release the aura of health and balance that cannot be disrupted by any negative forces or ill-wishing. Merkaba amulets for protection from black energy are very popular among business people, parents who purchase them for their children, and people who deal with black magic on a regular basis.

Because of the predominant nature of symbolism in Kabbalah, Merkaba sign is often utilized in Merkaba amulets from Kabbalah. The sign includes two interlocking pyramids facing the opposite directions to symbolize two opposite energies that support the universal balance. Merkaba sign in Kabbalah is usually represented in shapes made of golden lines to bear a better resemblance to the eternal light of life it emits. Since Merkaba sign is a strong symbol charged with energy, it can even be used as a simple engraving on metal.

The path of Merkaba is a unique trip to absolute completeness, fresh sensations, new experiences of life and boundless happiness. To learn about and activate your fields of energy means to be reborn. Many people discover life all over again by doing this. Merkaba amulets are the best means of such activation, as they let us see our purpose, open up the road to our own selves and use their positive energy to provoke the rotation of our energy fields. Merkaba talismans attempts to provide protection against black magic and a means of healing for the physical body. It is believed that the newly-restored body and spirit find higher levels of existence under the wings of life-giving and nurturing Merkaba.