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In many cultures symbols are known for being a source of vigorous forces in competent and caring hands. A symbol may be compared to a knot of energy that can be transformed and run in the direction that is convenient to its master. Energy does not simply disappear. It flows and travels from one state to another, and if used wisely it can influence the matter in the most positive and creative ways.

Energy of Kabbalah symbols can also be used for positive transformations. The important thing in this case is not the way these symbols work because our science is still coming to understand it, but how to let them work. You should simply let these forces of the invisible world take over your worries and other things that are difficult to deal with in the everyday life. Kabbalah symbols are often engraved on different pieces of jewelry. It is done just because this way they can always be close to their owners and protect them any time. Kabbalah symbols have become secret friends of most successful and powerful people of our time.

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