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Everything in this world consists of energy which is the source of life and power. Every individual possesses a certain amount of energy as well. Even people’s names have their own energy which in some ways determines their future and influences their present life. Kabbalah numerology is a whole study that is mostly associated with names, rather than numbers. It has a lot in common with kabalistic mysticism and it originated from the Hebrew alphabet.

By analyzing the name that the person was given at birth and has used throughout the entire life, Kabbalah numerology explains how it can influence the person’s actions, thoughts, interactions with other people, and the future occurrences in his or her life. It gives insights into personal or everyday situations by explaining how the person’s name and its pronunciation can effect the natural cycle of events. Kabbalah numerology is respected and thoroughly studied by many cabbalists as it provides a better understanding of people’s deeds and behavior.

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