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Evil Eye Protection, Evil eye

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Evil eye is the act of inflicting harm on to others in the process of looking at them while experiencing a strong negatively charged emotion. Evil eye protection refers to an ability to stop or significantly naturalize the effect of an evil eye either by using a magical tool or a spell.
The evil eye is the root from which many potential problems in life can grow. While it is possible to have various everyday struggles, which cannot always be blamed on the evil eye or somebody’s evil wishing, it is also important to understand that a sudden misfortune or loss of luck in a previously fortunate undertaking may be a strong indicator of being affected by an evil eye. The person, who has experienced the impact of the dark, destructive force of an evil eye, almost always has to use evil eye protection to eliminate the negative energies surrounding him or her. However, it is often advised to use the protection not as a treatment for the harm already inflicted, but also as a preventive measure.
Generally, evil eye protection is a realm of the Kabbalistic science. Kabbalah deals with a considerable amount of issues related to the distribution of energy, control of positive and negative forces, and their effect on the human well-being. Kabbalists study amulets, talismans, symbolism, mysticism, metaphysics, and many other areas from which the knowledge about the evil eye and how to treat it can arise. That is why evil eye protection means from Kabbalah are very powerful and are most commonly selected when powerful help is required.
The spiritual practices of many cultures have shown that there is a great body of knowledge about this phenomenon in the collective consciousness of people on this planet. However, the majority of that knowledge comes from savage tribes and primitive cultures. It is time for the population of more advanced societies to learn about it and share their practices as well. The following questions and answers provide general information about evil eye protection.

How does Kabbalah explain the evil eye phenomenon?

Like anything in the world, energy emitted by a person’s glance can be either beneficial or harmful to others. In some individuals, the strong feelings of incompleteness, unfulfillment and failure in life mix with the feelings of denial and refusal to work through their problems. It results in a bitter, envious personality who may begin to wish evil things upon others after seeing other people’s success, beauty, happiness and completeness. This immense harmful energy escapes through the person’s eyes and gets attached to the victim. As a result, the aura of the victim becomes constricted by the dark forces that surround it, and the person is more likely to attract misfortune and failure. The evil eye, therefore, is a serious issue, which needs immediate attention and significant protection.
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What kinds of evil eye protection means exist nowadays?

The most potent means of evil eye protection in existence are the genuine red Kabbalah strings. However, there is a variety of other powerful charms that come from Kabbalah that combine the protection from negative forces with other outstanding functionalities. They include Kabbalah talismans, protection amulets, and Hamsa necklaces.

When should one resort to evil eye protection?

Making a decision on when to wear a red string bracelet or evil eye protection amulet is a very time-sensitive matter. The importance of being protected as early as possible in your life is stressed repeatedly by many Kabbalists. The truth is that a child protected starting at the very early stages of his or her conscious existence has a better chance to succeed in life. Therefore, the proper answer to this question would be: use evil eye protection as soon as possible.

How does evil eye protection improve one’s life?

As a result of regular evil eye protection one can make a miraculous number of successful achievements. They can be related to finding a perfect partner in life, success and progress in career, happy family or wealthy style of life. The quickest way to get you to achieving your highest potential is by making sure that your actions are not affected by the negative emotion and envy produced by other people. The evil eye protection is dedicated to cleansing a person’s aura and shielding it from such things. That is why it allows one to reach a desired level of perfection faster when it comes to striving for a certain goal or material achievement. It allows for personal evolution both in the material and the spiritual worlds.
One more good advice to people who want to avoid problems with the evil eye is to stay kind. It has been confirmed for a long time that evil attracts evil, and all negative powers tend to stay close to each other. That is why in addition to magical means of evil eye protection, one should always practice a positive attitude, confident affirmations, well-wishing and love for others.

Can Voodoo Protection Amulets and Protection Talismans Protect You – Even if You Don’t Believe in Voodoo?

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Voodoo is a type of practice used by many groups, ranging from ancient religions in Africa through to modern religious practices. Although many people do not believe that there are voodoo practitioners still among us, the reality is that some people do try to use various forms of black magic and voodoo in order to reach their goals – even if reaching those goals means harming others.

kabbalah talisman Can Voodoo Protection Amulets and Protection Talismans Protect You – Even if You Don’t Believe in Voodoo?

Even if you don’t believe in voodoo, however, you have probably seen or experienced negative forces at work in your life. Someone’s jealousy or anger towards you, for example, may have caused you to experience an unpleasant encounter or even lose a promotion — even if that person did not practice any dark magic or actively seek to harm you. You may also have experienced ill health or other problems that seemingly come from nowhere.

How can you protect yourself from unseen forces that can affect your life and your family? There are many options, of course. There are practical things you can do, such as take care of your health, cultivate good relationships, and take care of all the “practical steps.” However, everyone knows that simply sticking to the practical does not always achieve desired results. You may take excellent care of your health, for example, but still experienced illness.

A talisman of protection or a voodoo protection amulet can help protect you against some of the unseen negative forces in life, including the evil eye and other negative forces. Your talisman of protection is carefully constructed specifically for your needs by Kabbalist Rabbi David Azulai. It provides an extra layer of protection in your life and allows you to focus on your life without having to worry about some of the unseen forces as well. Many people who have used protection talismans and voodoo protection amulets from Kabbalist Rabbi David Azulai have reported positive effects on their life.

What Can You Use Protection Talismans For?

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Protection talismans may protect the wearer from black magic and the evil eye, but their uses are more broad-based than that. Even if you do not believe in the evil eye or in black magic, it is impossible to ignore the fact that there are unseen forces that can affect your life.

Everyone has experienced “luck,” or a period of time when everything went their way and everyone has experienced the opposite – a series of seeming coincidences or chance encounters that resulted in very negative experiences. The truth is, unseen forces, energy from others, as well as unintentional negative feelings from others can affect your life.

A protection talisman is made from a special type of kosher deer parchment. It is handcrafted by the Rabbi with your specific situation in mind. Once it is created, it is scrolled and placed in a leather pouch. You can wear the small pouch or carry it with you in order to experience protection. You will not have to do anything beyond simply keep the talisman with you.

The protection talismans attempt to improve one’s luck, remove negative energies and protect against people’s jealousies and negative thoughts. You don’t have to be Jewish or even believe in black magic in order to acquire a protection talisman.

Finding True Romance and Love in Your Life With a Love Amulet

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Love is a very basic human need. Babies die without it, and adults can fall into deep depression if they feel lonely. However, all the correct actions and all right-thinking will not necessarily bring love into your life. It is simply one of those things that is difficult to define and can be even more difficult to attract. Studies suggest that loneliness is practically an epidemic today, with more of us looking for love and unable to find it. If you’re looking to attract true love, there many things that you can do. One option is to use a love amulet in order to attract more love into your life.

A love amulet can help you attract romance and may help you attract your true soul mate. If you’re already in a relationship, you can use a love amulet in order to keep your relationship strong and passionate. Protection amulets are another option that can help protect you against envy and other negative unseen forces that can harm your relationships.

No matter what stage of relationships you are at, a love amulet contains special letters from Hebrew, Phoenician and Canaanite societies and contains magical and astrological properties that can help you attract the love you deserve and want into your life. Rabbi Azulai has been practicing Kabbalah for more than three decades. During this time, the rabbi wrote hundreds protection talismansand love amulets. If you’re ready to attract true love, why not give a love amulet a try?

Kabbalah on Gay Marriage

Kabala, Kabbalah - Kabbalistic Comments (1)

Many people who become interested in and start following Kabbalah often ask this question: Is Kabbalah tolerant to gay marriage? The answer is yes, and the explanation is simple. Being against gay marriage and believing in Kabbalah at the same time would run counter to 3 main kabbalistic principles: nonjudgmental approach, free thinking, and acceptance of love in its any form. First of all, Kabbalah teaches that it is wrong to judge about a person by his/her preferences just because they are different from your own. People’s differentiation by their looks, age, skin color, religion or traditions is what leads societies to discord and wars.

The world is different in various ways. There are no two particles in the world that are absolutely the same. If there were, it would contradict the very nature of things. That is what makes it beautiful. That is what should promote acceptance in people in stead of blind hatred. This is why person’s preference for a certain sex in love should never be a condition on which he or she is accepted by others or by Kabbalah.
Secondly, any human being can become an adherent of kabbalistic ideas, and at the same time stay true to his/her old religion or beliefs. Kabbalah is a way of thinking, which does not set limits or proclaim new laws. However, it can provide a better explanation for how everything works and why certain things happen.

Therefore, by studying this doctrine homosexual people gain important knowledge to understanding the nature of their own inclinations. Thirdly, the most valuable thing in the world is love. If someone radiates positive, loving energy for somebody else, be it a man, a woman, a parent, a child, or a friend, he/she is doing what Hashem meant for all of us to do. Loving can never be a sin. It can never be prohibited. You do not need a permission from God to love someone. At times it is hard to understand why most religions of the world prohibit gay marriage, while all of them protect and nurture love. There is no better way to bring love to the world than to love someone.

Talismans for Specific Illnesses

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For a long time rabbis have tried to draw people’s attention to the advantages of using talismans for specific illnesses. Talismans are powerful means of treatment used by Jewish people and people of different religions.
When talismans are made and prepared to cure a specific disease, different procedures, rituals, prayers, symbols and spells are used in every particular case. The rabbi who makes your talisman should be able to choose the right methods to draw positive energy and treat this or that illness. He should also be very knowledgeable in medicine, treatment and human anatomy. Knowledge of how energies move and interact in the body, and how they influence the spirit, moods and well-being is essential for balancing out the right energies in talismans to treat an illness.

How does the talisman have its effect, and what does the Rabbi need to know in order to help you?
When you decide to treat a serious disease with a healing talisman, it is important to use different talismans for mental and physical conditions. Of course, in some cases the mental state of the patient, such as depression, stress or insomnia, can be caused by physical factors. That is why when you order a talisman for your specific condition, try to elaborate on causes and factors that trigger your condition. This way the rabbi will be able to use the kind of techniques that will draw the right energies for a faster relief and healing. Make sure to describe any other conditions which may be interfering with the treatment. In certain cases one condition can cause another. That is why the rabbi needs to know as much as possible about your health to prevent a situation when one treatment is used to only relieve the symptoms, not the real disease.
When you receive your talisman follow all the instructions on how to use it to ensure its positive effect. Sometimes special meditation, prayer or ritual is required to enhance the treatment effect. On our website you can order a talisman to treat a specific illness or disease.

How to Use Kabbalah Numerology

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Using Kabbalah numerology opens a wide gateway to personal progress in every field of activity and area of life. Sometimes Kabbalah numerology is also called “name numerology” because it studies people’s names. Every sound of your name connects you to a certain type of energy that affects your life. Long time ago ancient wise men noticed how powerful the influence of the person’s or object’s name can be. People believed that it was possible to practice magic by studying magical names of objects to be able to change, move or turn them into other objects. All four elements, for instance, had their own names which were used to control them. First names of people were also considered extremely important, as it was believed that one can control a person if he or she knows the name which was given to someone at their birth. Nowadays, Kabbalah teaches that a name gives a person special characteristics, traits, temperament, and outlook. That is why learning how to use your own name given at birth to your advantage is a wise thing to do.

However, no people are born with an ability to understand how to walk, talk or build houses. That is why only through personal experience, attempts, mistakes and success we learn everything. The same way we learn how to use Kabbalah numerology, through trying, making mistakes or progressing. By studying peculiarities of our names, relating them to kabbalistic knowledge and experiences gained by others throughout their lives, every individual can learn to implement Kabbalah numerology in his or her life. Every sound of the first name is important because it can draw or repel certain energies to the person who possesses it. It happens every time when a person is called by his or her name – the name works like a magical spell. Kabbalah numerology can even help you see your hidden potentials and gifts, which also come as a result of the energy flow that the sounds of your name cause. You can use these energies to your advantage or learn to prevent them from influencing your life in a negative way.

True Soulmates in Kabbalah

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There is no such thing as a true and only soulmate in Kabbalah. There is no such concept as a “perfect match” from the kabbalistic point of view. That means that no person is actually predestined to anyone, unless you decide it for yourself. Those who study Kabbalah know that in general it is void of any deterministic approach.

Every individual represents a certain blend of energies, which makes that person unique. We are all attracted to other people for various different motives. However, it is very unlikely for two people to be born and be perfect for each other from the very start and throughout all their life. Why is that? It is mainly because people change together with their lives, circumstances and environment. You can be one person today and absolutely another person the next day. You are also influenced by other people you meet, change them and change with them. That is why assuming that two people can be born and predestined to each other, can have matching personalities or traits of character is groundless.

However, even though there is no such thing as a perfect and only match in Kabbalah, the two people can become true soulmates over some period of time living with each other, growing together and getting closer. This is similar to the process of adaptation that we witness in wild nature: two absolutely different species can coexist perfectly with each other after they develop a need for staying together in a balanced environment. The same thing happens to humans, who are actually such different representatives of one and the same species. We can grow together and become spiritually intimate over a certain period of time. As Kabbalah teaches, determining whether this or that person is your true soulmate after a short acquaintance and a conversation is impossible, because all you see is the person’s cover – the way they present themselves in a social situation, but not who they really are in a spiritual way. That is why getting to know someone over a long period of time and sharing the same experiences together is an essential part of becoming soulmates for each other.

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