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Good Luck Talismans

Good Luck Talismans in Kabbalah

Even in prehistory, the peoples of the world fashioned talismans and similar emblematic representations into pendants, rings, bracelets and necklaces to symbolize good luck, ward off evil and signify religious meanings. This cultural imperative has a global basis.

Basic Examples of Kabbalistic Good Luck Talismans

Judaism is no different. Representations of good fortune are the focus of a diversity of Kabbalistic talismans used against dark forces or uneventful circumstances to promote better luck. Select Kabbalistic talismans are also believed to generate direction and security for individuals in need. For instance, the below image shows an intensive combination of good luck symbols. In addition, three of the 72 sacred Kabbalah-letters - those for protection , love, and prosperity - are present, as well as charms for physical well-being and protection from the evil eye (ayin ha'ra).  
Multi Symbol Good Luck Talisman

Additional Kabbalistic Good Luck Talismans of Interest

Numerous other Kabbalistic good luck talismans have developed over the centuries. The literature pertaining to this jewelry suggests a mystical power to regulate energies emanating from the wearer's body and mind, in a positive manner that contributes to her or his improvement. In cases where texts were inscribed into talismans, good luck was thought to result because the source of the written material was mostly the Torah - the Five Books of Moses - or other Holy Scriptures from the Bible. When integrated into the talisman, amulet, or other good luck jewelry, these messages give the wearer support and protection. In this manner, the talismans' of good luck generate personal security and success exceeding the wearer's expectations. Some of the most important are described briefly below:

Protection Amulet

The below example shows a Kabbalistic sacred good luck symbol for protection and peace, life and death. The Hebrew text engraved on the pendant says: "Cowardliness is the worst of all measures. Fear is the gate that the fool opens and the wise locks. When fear sneaks behind you, know it is a creation of your thoughts. Clean your thoughts and fear will vanish. Only then will your life become valid. What is within you will bring you life. What is not within you will bring you death" .

Guardian Angel Ring

Also designed to provide good luck and protection, the Hebrew text engraved on the ring is taken from Psalms 91:11, and says: "For He will give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways" In this case, the inscribed message suggests that heavenly protection such as that Jacob received on his long, arduous journey will accompany the ring's wearer, in the form of angels - God's envoys - representing the everlasting and divine spirit as a shield against harm.


Throughout the ages, peoples of all faiths have put their trust in an extreme variety of good luck jewelry, mostly in the form of amulets, charms, talismans and ritualistic adornment. Historically, Kabbalah talismans were created to enhance the quality of the wearer's life, by improving one's fortune, adding to their prosperity, and protect them from evil. Good luck talismans for these purposes were integral to Kabbalah practice. This remains the case; good luck talismans exert influence over people and their lives even today. More than this, they can provide exceptional peace of mind. For instance, the talismanic jewelry of Rabbi David Azulai is created according to the unique problems encountered by those seeking his assistance.

The Rabbi writes amulets and talismans addressing an individual's specific circumstances. Each talisman is devoted toward the individuals' distinguishing issues, to generate the optimum positive influence over them in a way distinctive to the person requesting a talismanic solution. Rabbi Azulai's talismans are preferred to most others. Their magical authority is powerful but circumscribed in nature, being directed only toward the individual the charm was made for; it cannot be applied toward the problems of another, even if the issues - love, prosperity, fertility - are the same. The unique character of each talisman only preserves its potency for the person who requested its creation, but do not be alarmed. This is not an insurmountable problem; as the good luck magic represented by his talismans repeatedly proves, Rabbi Azulai is exceptionally well-versed in the wisdom of the Kabbalah. He can create a talisman for you, remarkably compatible to all your wishes, desires and requests of fortune.
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