Trusting the Power of your Amulet

Rabbi David Azulai Rabbi David Azulai

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Most people use magical charms for protection or for a certain purpose, such as finding true happiness, people’s appreciation, real love, deep respect, spiritual or material prosperity. When you are given an amulet or buy one, you think of a certain wish you have that this amulet is going to be associated with for you. However, some people tend to believe that the charm will solve all their problems and get upset when it does not. The cause of that does not lie in the charm’s inability to assist them in solving their problem. It is only due to their own personal relationship with their amulet that the magical powers do not work in certain conditions.

The main rule for those who use an amulet to attract more positive things into their lives is trusting its power. Worrying about your charm working or not working turns you into an oppressed person rather than a believing and happy one. When you are feeling skeptical or pessimistic about your protection or your wish, you are sending the wrong vibrations to your protective charm. The same happens when you constantly remind yourself about what your amulet should bring you and worry about it. The most powerful magical ritual which you can have to make your wish come true with the help of your magical charm is making the wish, trusting your charm and letting it go. Forgetfulness is the best quality in this case, because the human nature does not allow many people make a wish without worrying about it, so your thoughts can revolve around the same subject every time you even look at your amulet. That is why every person who has such a charm should learn to let it go and let things take care of themselves. Like the sun that radiates the light and warmth, you should radiate your wishes, let them float into the space, forget about them for a moment and make new ones. Of course, you can always have positive expectations that your wish will come true, but it should never be overshadowed by the gloomy thoughts of your mistrust or neediness. They only make the work of your powerful charm more difficult. 

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  1. Loraine October 9, 2010 @ 9:30 am

    Is this true? I never knew about this. I stopped believing in amulets after I wore one for a while and didn’t see any positive change in my life. Now that I think of it, I come to conclusion that probably I was not using it right.
    My sister and I are twins. She is a very cheerful and optimistic person. But I am often disappointed and tend to expect worst. When we were 18 our mom ordered identical Hamsa amulets from a rabbi and gave them to us.
    My sister always tells me how good luck follows her when she takes the amulet with her. She wears it to job interviews, when she need to meet with clients, dates, and practically everywhere, and she is always lucky. I, on the opposite, never had any luck with it. When I was given my talisman I thought that it would drive all negative things out of my life. But then when no changes happened I would get upset and stop believing it it. Did I expect too much from my talisman? Can I do anything about it now when I already made this mistake? Please, reply when you can.

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