True Soulmates in Kabbalah

Rabbi David Azulai Rabbi David Azulai

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There is no such thing as a true and only soulmate in Kabbalah. There is no such concept as a “perfect match” from the kabbalistic point of view. That means that no person is actually predestined to anyone, unless you decide it for yourself. Those who study Kabbalah know that in general it is void of any deterministic approach.

Every individual represents a certain blend of energies, which makes that person unique. We are all attracted to other people for various different motives. However, it is very unlikely for two people to be born and be perfect for each other from the very start and throughout all their life. Why is that? It is mainly because people change together with their lives, circumstances and environment. You can be one person today and absolutely another person the next day. You are also influenced by other people you meet, change them and change with them. That is why assuming that two people can be born and predestined to each other, can have matching personalities or traits of character is groundless.

However, even though there is no such thing as a perfect and only match in Kabbalah, the two people can become true soulmates over some period of time living with each other, growing together and getting closer. This is similar to the process of adaptation that we witness in wild nature: two absolutely different species can coexist perfectly with each other after they develop a need for staying together in a balanced environment. The same thing happens to humans, who are actually such different representatives of one and the same species. We can grow together and become spiritually intimate over a certain period of time. As Kabbalah teaches, determining whether this or that person is your true soulmate after a short acquaintance and a conversation is impossible, because all you see is the person’s cover – the way they present themselves in a social situation, but not who they really are in a spiritual way. That is why getting to know someone over a long period of time and sharing the same experiences together is an essential part of becoming soulmates for each other.

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  1. Margaret September 4, 2010 @ 3:26 pm

    I’ve been alone for almost 5 years already, and I need an advice on finding my true soulmate. I am an attractive and funny woman, and I have many admirers. But I cannot find anyone I’d be happy with. Sometimes I feel that all men see in me is a one-night thing. They don’t treat me seriously. I want to get married and have a family. But I only meet men that do not want a serious relationship with me. How can I turn my luck around? Please, tell me if one of your talismans can help me with it, as I have strong belief in Kabbalah.

  2. admin September 4, 2010 @ 3:45 pm

    Dear Margaret,
    Finding a true soulmate is an important goal for every human being and I understand your frustration. We all want to belong to someone. However, the world of people is superficial. We are taught to look at the cover, rather than into the person’s soul. We are taught to look for the best, rather than for unique and rare qualities. This is the problem that most women and men face when they are looking for a true soulmate to settle down with.
    First of all, you need to learn to see any person from inside and appeal to their inner selves. And that involves listening and trying to understand the person the best you can. You will see how easily someone starts responding to your needs, when you understand theirs. Secondly, you can also start using a talisman, which will help you find your soulmate. Yes, I do have a talisman that will attract your future partner into your life and help you start a serious relationship. You can contact me any time if you decide that you need it.
    I am sending you my best wishes,
    Rabbi Azulai.

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