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Rabbi David Azulai Rabbi David Azulai 

Kabbalah Talisman

Rabbi David Azulai is a Kabbalah teacher and a direct descendant of the rabbi Abraham Azulai who is widely-known for his book “Grace to God”.
Rabbi Azulai writes special talismans
At his early age, Rabbi Azulai gained his wisdom learning from the greatest kabbalists of his time while his primary focus was on becoming a writer of sacred phylacteries and mezuzahs. In the course of his writings the rabbi discovers his connection to Jewish mysticism – he insists that he was dominated by the divine forces giving him the “gift from heaven” to communicate with the world of truth.

talisman Rabbi Azulai has more than 30 years of experience of writing talismans as shown here. Every talisman is unique and addresses a particular problem. The writing process of such talismans is quite complex and time consuming. Only those who understand Kabala and possess divine powers can create such powerful and impactful talismans.

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From ancient time, people across the globe have been using amulets and talismans to improve their luck, love life, business and carer performance and overall well being. Luck is an important component of our daily life. No matter how smart we are or how hard we work, sometimes it just comes down to being in the right place at the right time. As such, people over the years have been turning to personal talismans to help them accomplish their goals and aspirations. The symbols and letters included in these amulets are often based on old Kabbalah characters. Such scripts are written by people who possess the knowledge and have been studying the Torah and Zohar for many years. For example: Rabbi Azulai's special good luck talismans attempt to help business owners attract more customers and increase their total sales.It should be noted that Kabbalah is not an exact science and therefore Rabbi Azulai cannot guarantee results of his work.

People who are exposed to evil eye and black magic curses may suffer from damage to their property, career and relationships. As such, Rabbi Azulai's protection talismans try to provide protection from evil eye, black magic and other voodoo curses. The rabbi attempts to utilize his experience in Kabala to remove the negative energies and establish the right equilibrium of positive and negative energies in the body.
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